Saturday, August 21, 2010

A little about me......

Every photograph captures a moment in time, a memory, a life.

I specialize in Candid and Photojournalistic Style of Photography. Photography is my passion. I find such joy squinting through my viewfinder, composing the images swimming in my head. It is like poetry or a sonata that has to be brought out and recorded and shared. It's like a romance and deep emotion that I experience when I step behind the lens.

I use natural light whenever possible to capture the most beautiful images. There is something so simple and pure about natural light filtering through the scene. The colors become vivid, skin tones are beautiful, natural, and true.

I am most inspired by nature. Every bit of life, down to the smallest of elements, has been artistically designed with meticulous detail. Every detail, color, texture can make a beautiful image. I try to capture small bits of elements, little treasures of life.

I am fascinated by people. I am interested in their past, their journeys, their experiences, and their story. I find such mystique in the eyes of a stranger that pulls me in. Each person shares something special that can be discovered, captured, analyzed and enjoyed. I especially enjoy working with children. The innocence, spontaneous nature, and spirit of a child can be forever captured in a photo.

A photograph can spark a memory that pulls emotions from the past. I live to capture those moments for you.

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