Friday, April 22, 2011

Art Projects on the Horizon

Hey so i've been lacking in my creativity lately. It's all due to a mix of having a active toddler, tiny dash of winter blues, and lack of time. Well I am done making excuses and I have a whole list of upcomming projects that I would like to attempt.

Silk Screening - I've recently acquired some pain and squeegies through Craigslist when I found some pastels for sale. I thought, hmm why not try a new project. I do love taking photos and how cute would it be to print some cool shirts for zoe using some of my designs and pics.

Start up an Etsy store. I want to focus more on making invites and party favors. I have some cool desings that I have done in the past that I havent' seen done anywhere else. If I dont sell a loss. I'm sure that I will have fun in the process.

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