Friday, April 22, 2011

My Pregnancy & Baby Favorite Things

So my daughter Zoe just turned a year old. I can't believe how quickly time goes by!!!  I've been wanting to do this for a while......Here is a list of my pregnancy and baby must haves so far. I strive to choose things that are eco friendly, when possible, economical, and safe for baby and me.
Whoa Baby that's a big belly!!!

Pregnancy - 

First and foremost - I chose to follow the Bradley Method during my pregnancy and (most important) during my labor and delivery.  I had a drug-free labor and delivery with the coaching of my husband. The Bradley Method teaches you about all the stages of labor, proper nutrition for baby and mom, your Choices and Rights in the hospital, breastfeeding, pain relief exercises, and basically prepares you and your labor coach(usually the father or partner) to have a safe labor without over dosed hospital interventions.  You learn about your CHOICES and you write out a labor plan so that you can be in tune with your doctor and nurses so that you can have the birth that YOU want for your baby.

We had a healthy pregnancy with proper nutrition. I practiced my laboring and delivery exercises which helped me tremendously with labor pain and prepared me for pushing. Zoe came into the world peacefully and safely.  Each contraction was one less that I had to go through and with the encouragement and power of knowledge I did it!!!

I can def say that it was the most empowering information that I have ever learned.

I chose to breastfeed Zoe and I can tell you that it can be difficult at first but with support(most important), advice, and can do it!!!! I went through fear of not making enough milk, making too much milk, latching questions, lots of stress, etc and I can tell you that La Leche League and lactation consultants saved me from failure and fear with all their advice and information. I probably spent hours with my Blackberry at hand, while Zoe was feeding or sleeping, checking out their website for info, latching pictures, and advice.  Don't give up, just reach out for help and they will guide you through it. I honestly can say now that I am a pro now!! I have breastfed everywhere, including the shower lol...check them out.
Got milk? Oh Yes I do!!

P.S. My daughter's ped's nurses are lactation consultants and have met with me prior to appointments to help me learn latching and positioning techniques(for free!!!) and were all around amazing!!.

Mother's Milk Tea - I actually drank lots of this tea, especially the first few months after Zoe arrived. It's a safe, herbal tea which promotes healthy lactation. You really need to drink tons of water when breastfeeding so I would alternate my huge bottles of water with this soothing tea. I actually love all the teas that traditional medicinals make and they always have coupons on their website!!

Bobby pillow - looks like a butt cushion - a must for nursing the baby. I probably sat in my chair, bobby pillow around my waist, baby on top for days. get it. I also used an organic cover for it. Babies spit up so I had to wash it often. It was very soft for my baby and cute too! There are many organic cotton covers available now I had this one
Zoe sleeping on her bobby pillow after nursing

Medela Pump n Style Breast Pump -
This is one of the only things that I didn't buy used and worth every penny. I still use my pump at work every day.  I used it after my baby was born to increase my milk supply. It's an automatic double breastpump and if you get a pump bra, you can go hands free!! If you are going back to work you will have to pump to keep up your supply so this is a must!!! I also used glass born free bottles for storage as well as Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags, which I freeze for my husband and caregivers to use.

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream - A MUST!!!! It does wonders for sore nipples and you don't have to wash it off before feeding the baby. Also great for putting on your nipples before your shower to protect from harsh water, soap, etc. (Do not use soap on your nipples - it can cause issues, trust me!)
Liquid Gold

Baby Slings - The only way I survived the first few weeks of Zoe's life. I was able to get her to sleep, be able to go for walks outside during winter (with a blanket over us), and all around be hands free but close to my little one. 
I love the idea of your newborn being still so close to her momma that she can hear hear heartbeat, smell her and feel her warmth. Zoe loves her sling to this day and I love the tradition of baby carrying or wearing.  There are many types of slings and wraps but I loooove and use the Kangaroo Korner Pocket Sling. I got mine of ebay for a steal. It's fleece, adjustable, safe and the baby can breathe through it. 

Just be sure that you read all information about the proper positioning of the baby because there are some bad ones out there that are not so safe.  

There is a baby sling exchange here in Chicago that is really a cool idea. You can try out different types of slings for a flat fee and can find the one that suits you best. 

This is also a very cool place.
I love to buy used items because they are already here and can reduce carbon waste by manufacturing new products, better for the pocket, items that offgas (read Organic Pregancy and Organic Baby for info) are toxic to us so better to get something older :)

Part 2 to follow......................

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