Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starting my patio garden this week!!!!

Hey so it's May already and I am enjoying it very much so far.

My CSA Farm, Angelic Organics.. sent me an email a couple days ago saying that they were offering seedlings to their shareholders!! They had a surplus of seedlings and were offering these for free!!!I was so excited because I was planning of starting my own patio garden this week. I packed up Zoe in the car and we made the 1:45 minute drive to Caledonia, IL.

It was a rainy day but I was happy knowing that our farm needed that water to nurture my food :) Zoe had a blast splashing through the puddles, climbing farming equipment and smelling all the flower and herbs. She even tried to eat the seeds potatoes, which would have been ok if they were not dusted with some sort of organic anti-fungal powder...not so yummy!

They had them all setup on tables outside of the greenhouse for me to put into containers and haul away. Zoe was playing while I went down my list and packed up my goodies. Here is what I got, for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. They allotted specific quantities to each shareholder so that everyone would get their fair share but it was first come, first serve so I got everything on the list and the max quantity, of course.

Sweet Corn: take up to 20
Squash/ Zucchini: up to 5
Tomatoes (Hybrid): up to 12
Kale (Green and Red): up to 9 
Brussels Sprouts: up to 12
Eggplant: up to 8
Celery: up to 9
Celeriac: up to 6
Sweet Bell Peppers: up to 11
Hot Peppers: up to 6
Greek Oregano: take up to 4
German Winter Thyme: up to 3
Moss Curled Parsley: up to 7
Sage: up to 3
Anise Hyssop: up to 4
Genovese Basil: up to 9
 Yukon Gold: take up to 12
Dark Red Norland: up to 7
Carola: up to 8
Red Pontiac: up to 10
All Blue: up to 6
Kennebec: up to 8
French Fingerling: up to 8
Adirondack Red: up to 5

These are the herbs, kales and eggplants
Here is what my car looked like after my "harvest"  
Corn, Celery, Celeriac, Peppers
Tomatoes, Etc.

My mom is a great gardener and she was thrilled with my haul!! She will plant the tomatoes, eggplants, corn and potatoes in her beautiful backyard garden. I planted half the herbs in containers for my place and she kept the other half for her garden. I am eagerly awaiting the warm weather so that they can be planted outside!!

Zoe shoes and socks were soaked after we left the farm but she really had a great time!!!

Doing some reading on the 2 hour long drive home :)

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