Sunday, May 15, 2011


For Zoe's 1st birthday party, I cut butterflies out of felt to use as decorations. I had most of these left over and saved them knowing that eventually I'd like to make something from them.

The felt I used was called Eco Fi Classic Rainbow and is made from post consumer recycled plastic!!! It comes in great colors and is made in the USA!! I purchased these in beautiful colors from this great store

I found stencils of butterflies online and blew them up to the sizes that I needed. I taped the stencil to heavy stock paper and than reinforced them with masking tape.

Here's a tip, if you are going to need many pieces of the same stencil, staple the stencil to a few pieces of felt at a time and than cut around the stencil. The staples can be removed after and the marks just disappear. I used good quality razor scissors and the butterflies came out great!!!
I was walking through the Dollar Store isle and voila, I found a wooden wreath waiting to be decorated!!!

Zoe helped me sort out the butterflies but I waited until she was sleeping before I hot glued them onto the wreath. We hung it on our front door and I love seeing it when we come home!!
Zoe inspecting the final product :)
You can use any shape or color you like and make it into a fun project. We will definatley be doing some fall leaves in the autumn and maybe one for every holiday. We live in a small apartment so hanging a wreath on the door is basically the only way we can decorate the outside :)

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