Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dr. K's Cure All Soup - Thank you Amitabul

Yesterday I started feeling under the weather. I woke up feeling really sluggish and had a sore throat. All I craved was some good soup with a hearty noodle. Dan made a trip over to our favorite Korean and Vegan place, Amitabul. To our disappointment, it was closed. I guess they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.  I settled for a veggie noodle bowl from WholeFoods. Now I am not vegetarian or vegan for that matter. But I do respect anyone who is. I simply love vegetables and eating to feed the soul.

Upon waking this morning, my first thought was Amitabul. I woke up feeling pretty awful. I breastfed Zoe, made coffee, showered and got ready for work. We hit up Amitabul on the way and boy was I happy!!!!

We tried the dumplings today. They were amazing!!!! So light and delicious. Zoe loooooved them too!!!

I am not a big fan of spicy food. I know I know, what are we doing at a Korean place than? Well you can ask for mild and that's what I did.

I ordered what they call Dr. K's Cure All Noodle Soup - full of seaweed, tofu, mushrooms, hearty and healthy veggies and whole wheat noodles. It was like a warm hug to my throat. I literally drank the stock after to savor the amazing soup until the last drop hit my tongue. I really did feel a lot better!!!

If you live in Chicago, you have to check this place out!!! Especially if you are not used to vegan, vegetarian food - this is a great place to try something full of nutrition, health and most importantly......flavor!!


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