Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pinata 101 - How to make a Pinata

Hey So for Zoe's birthday, I really wanted to make her a cute Piñata. I wanted to share how it was made.

I purchased all the supplies at the Dollar Store and the candy and stuff at CVS, WholeFoods, Marshalls.

What you need:

  • Candy & Filling - I made a mix of Organic Lollipops, Candy bars, Pixie sticks(Crack for Kids), Stickers, Dora Towel that grow with water
  • Balloon - I used a Helium Balloon because I like the size and shape much better than a traditional balloon $1
  • Newspaper, Tissue Paper, Junk Mail - I used old paper ads - which is a good way to recycle and tissue paper that was used to wrap some glass jars.
  • Flour - $.50
  • Water

1.  Tear Paper into two inch wide long strips - I used a paper slicer to speed up the process.

2.  Mix flour and water together until you get a runny paste consistency. I started with a cup of flour and 2 cups of water and kept adding until it was just right. You want to be able to dip the paper into the paste and wipe off excess paste by running between your fingers.


   3. Start covering the balloon in strips. I slightly overlapped each strip to make sure it was really covered. Cover 1 layer and let dry.
Since my balloon was Helium and came with a string, it was easy to hang the balloon to dry.  You want to dry 24 hours between each layer. I hung the balloon on a shower rod and put a fan blowing on it for a few hours to speed up the process. So I probably waited 6 hours between layers.

  4.  Repeat process. I used old tissue paper that was used to wrap some jars that I had purchased. It gives you a more even look and a nice & neutral look.

Laugh at baby playing with crepe paper......check

  5.  Third & Final Layer - dried and ready to go.

  6.  I pierced the balloon and removed but I did wish that I would have waited for that part because it would have been easier to apply the petals and keep from crinkling my design.

  7.  Cut out a hole big enough to insert candy. FYI: My candy was super heavy so I used duck tape inside to reinforce around where the string will be.
The hole def didn't need to be this large but I did cover it once I filled it with the candy.

  8.  Decorate!!! You can paint it, use crepe paper, fabric, glitter, feathers, whatever your little heart desires to make this puppy shine. I use google often for inspiration.

  9.  After decorating, poke out two holes and hang using rope. Again I did reinforce the inside where the holes and string would be to make sure the Piñata would hold up.

This is the photo that inspired my yellow flower design.

I cut out petals out of crape paper and glued them on using stick glue to make a flower design or a big bird body as my husband called it.

This was a lot of fun and only cost me $2 plus candy. 

Zoe got to swat at it a few times before the bigger kids destroyed it. 

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