Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!! We woke up to a white snowy Christmas day!!!

So we had a nice Christmas Eve Day yesterday. We took Zoe sledding at the Forest Preserve on Milwaukee & Devon, Chicago.  I took her down once and so did Dan. She didn't look scared at all but very serious lol.

She did love seeing all the kids laughing and sledding down the hill. We gave her a ride on the sled as well and she loved it!!!

It was also her first time playing in the snow. She crawled and scooted around.

I went down the hill about 3 times by myself and man I felt like a kid again :)

Great time and a nice start to our Family Tradition. We will go sledding every year!

In the evening we went to my mom's and celebrated with a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. Fish, Beet Broth with Mushroom Ears, Polish Pierogi and other goodies. We all found money under our place setting and exchanged Wafers with wishes of good fortune and health. Zoe enjoyed the wafers and especially the beet salad.

After opening gifts we went to celebrate the evening with Dan's mom and siblings.  We had only an hour to spend due to Dan needing to take a nap before working that evening.(we works overnight at a hotel) We opened gifts and shared some laughs. Zoe especially enjoyed time with her cousins.

Today we will be celebrating at Dan's Dad's House after I am off work.

Merry Christmas!!!

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